Russian Caviar House (Singapore)

Anyone can sell caviar but only we sell authentic Russian caviar


Famous culinary exhibition SAVOUR-2016 with participation of world class Michelin star chefs and bartenders as well as Singapore branch of Russian Caviar House has recently opened in Singapore.

   This is an unforgettable culinary travel for true gourmets and a feerie for their taste receptors, one of the best world food festivals and excellent business forum for setting up business and partner relations.
The concept of Savour gourmet festival remains the only of its kind in the Asia-Pacific Region. Promoters are hard at work trying to combine the best on the food and drinks market with a wide array of culinary experience of the leading chefs and culinary stars of the world to make the culinary accessible to everyone. SAVOUR-2016 is the fifth exhibition held in Singapore and this time the whole three exciting culinary events within the festival that will be held on open platforms in specially designed pavilions next to Marina Bay Sands – SAVOUR GOURMET (May), SAVOUR WINES (September) and SAVOUR CHRISTMAS (November) wait for guests.
Visitors have none of the chances for missing SAVOUR-2016. Firstly this year the promoters made unprecedented move: a part of tickets was on sale at reduced price to let everyone visit the taste festival and join the world culinary traditions. And it was not empty promises! “Enjoy 30 dishes in one place” called an ad slogan of the official website of exhibition. And indeed, best of the best Singapore restaurants were offering simply for one evening to taste the finest dishes of their menu – for instance, matchless dishes cooked in wok offered by Labirint  (Labyrith) restaurant,  Angel Hair pasta with lobsters represented by Saveur restaurant team and fantastic iberico ham offered by Bar A Thym cooks. And woe betide anyone who visited the food festival unprepared, just is not on empty stomach!

   And there is more to come! Meet the famous cooks, Michelin star holders personally, be consulted on cooking of one or another dish, be personally present at their masterclasses and seminars – isn’t this a dream of each partial gourmand that came true due to efforts of the promoters?  By the way, guests of the exhibition were provided an opportunity to vote for favourite chef and choose the dish they like: further the vote result will be taken into account in Singapore 2016 Best Chef Competition. And, of course, food, fresh seafood, farm food and wine represented by the exhibitors of the exhibition waited for the guests.
Russian Caviar House successfully debuted at SAVOUR exhibition in last 2015. It is worth mentioning that already at that time our booth drew impressive interest to the Russian delicacy. Clock made of two black caviar tins (big and small one) draw attention of the booth visitors. This clock appeared on pages of Singaporean bloggers and accounts of Instagram users. The clock has been created by Moscow designer, director of Russian Caviar House branch in Singapore Konstantin Lyuik.
   Famous chef Chookiat Kantha employed with a very popular Singaporean restaurant INODCHINE, has also cooked Russian caviar dishes at SAVOUR-2016. At our request he graciously agreed to teach a masterclass in which he said how to cook dishes with the most famous Russian delicacy. Chookiat is one of the first cooks in Singapore included caviar of Russian Caviar House to a restaurant menu. The delicacy was served with oysters and traditionally small pancakes, and the dishes absolutely stroke fancy of both Singaporean and guests of the City.
Chef Chookiat represented four ways of serving black caviar from Russian Caviar House:

  1. Caviar with oysters. Classic combination of two finest delicacies taste cannot leave anyone untouched!
  2. Traditional serving of caviar on small pancake rolls.
  3. Caviar with chocolate (caviar with such accompanying was firstly served in Great Britain in one of the most prestigious restaurants of London).
  4.  Caviar on champagne jelly (seaweed based jelly)

  The visitors were delighted as they tasted some of these dishes first and this happened in the capital of gourmands!

  The masterclass was arranged by JASONS, the most famous chain supermarketof delicacies of Singapore. Agreement on teaching masterclasses was already reached at SAVOUR-2015 after agreement between JASONS and Russian Caviar House has been concluded. It was just JASONS that represented Russian black caviar in stores of its chain.
Russian black caviar represented by Russian Caviar House is of excellent flavor, it has no fishy taste and this is highly appreciated by chefs of the whole world. The delicacy provides a great opportunity for experiments and flight of fancy – since absolutely incompatible food at first sight may match caviar!