Russian Caviar House (Singapore)

Anyone can sell caviar but only we sell authentic Russian caviar


  April in Sentosa Island, Singapore, passed under the sign of stunning events in the world of yachting sports: that is the place where the unique Singapore Yacht Show annually drawing the greatest interest of citizens and guests of Singapore, took place.
  April 7-10, 2016 visitors of One° (One Degree) yacht-club could feast their eyes on the finest and luxurious super-yachts of famous brands, concept- and supercars, watches, jewelry, luxuries and pictorial art, plunge into the world of great parties, admire the most original and expensive novelties of elite real estate of the island.
  Here also took place the milestone event for the world yachting sports - Asia Pacific Yachting Conference (APYC) that became the greatest field forum for experts in the region and overseas. This year a lot of questions were discussed at the conference beginning from strategic alliances and ending with integral driving the yachts and development of the field in Southeast Asia.
  Russian Caviar House became an exclusive partner of the Singapore Yacht Show treating VIP-guests with top quality premium caviar. Russian Caviar House trade show display was placed in 18J CAVIAR CLUB booth in the Northern Pavillion of the club. Each guest of the Show could enjoy the delightful taste of the Russian delicacy that gained worldwide fame. Each guest could choose the most delicious black caviar after its tasting.