Russian Caviar House (Singapore)

Anyone can sale caviar but only we sale authentic russian caviar

Anyone can sell caviar but only we sell authentic Russian caviar!

Company Presentation

Black Gold Caviar

We are Singapore based company representing biggest Russian caviar supplier.
The Russian Caviar House has 35 years of history in producing best quality product for domestic and export markets. Company yearly production reached 24 tons of caviar.
We have started imports of caviar in Singapore according to strict international rules.  The products are packed at the factory in standard metal and glass jar with original covers.
We are open to partnership and cooperation.
The product samples with CITES and AVA certificates are available..

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  Our main advantage is the absolutely clear water of the forest river Suda. Due to these special water qualities we have made a decision to base our fish farm here.
  The company uses mostly manual labor. The sturgeons are grown in natural conditions. They are contained in outdoor cages with free flowing water in specially constructed tanks.
Anyone can sell caviar but only we sell authentic Russian caviar!
  The company process involves strict laboratory control in all production stages – from the incubation of roe to the final caviar product. Each adult fish has an ultra scan test about 20 times a year.
Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) is a fresh water fish. It grows up to 3 m long and 200 kg weight.  Maximum age of fish is 60 years in the wild. They spawn every 4-5 years


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